Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I really hate Arizona...

You know, as if it's not bad enough to have boring weather and the endless heat in the summer; the monotonous gravel pit landscape; the endless tile roofs; the crazy political three ring we have 18,000 idiots who are petitioning to secede Arizona from the Union!

People, it will NEVER be 1950 again!  Our world has changed, sometimes for the better, sometimes not, but like it or not it is never going back to the way it was.  Which was wonderful if you were white, middle class, and Christian, but not so great if you were anyone else!  And I suspect that the ones that want it to be 1950 again are...white, middle class, and Christian and grew up in that era.  They were certainly the dominant group in the Romney supporters in the recent election.

This might sound ironic coming from someone who loves vintage stuff, but I wouldn't want to actually LIVE in 1950.  There are elements of it, sure.  I wish we were still truly patriotic.  I wish we dressed more nicely, and behaved in a more civilized fashion in public places.  I wish porn and its ilk were still something you could hardly find, not splashed all over the newstands.  I wish we still had the bulk of our manufacturing jobs in this country, not overseas.  I wish our careers didn't get in the way of raising our children properly.

But given all that, I don't wish that women still had few choices besides motherhood and housewifery.  I don't wish that people of color were segregated and despised.  I don't wish gays and lesbians had to hide their true selves and not marry the people they love.  I don't wish people of other faiths were considered strange and dangerous.    And  I don't wish the internet away! 

Those issues in the second group are hugely important and can't just be swept back into the cupboard.  We've just come too far.  And rightfully so!  You can't have the small minority of white men running the world.  Even if you want it that way.  I so wish you didn't...

So, what's going to happen with these secessionists?  Probably the same thing that always happens - we'll be the laughingstock of the country for awhile, fodder for every satiric news talk show, and then it'll die down and something ELSE crazy will come up. 

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