Monday, September 17, 2012

Throwing stones...

AOL this a.m. had a story about Victoria Jackson and a comment that she made about homosexuality.  Do you remember her?  That cute little blond that used to be on Saturday Night Live?  Well, she's not so cute anymore, having become a vocal shill for the Tea Party.  She was making a comment that you hear from the far right all the time, about homosexuality being a sin. 

I did a little research on Miss Victoria, and then went to her Facebook page and posted a comment along the lines of this:  You say the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin.  The Bible ALSO says that divorce is a sin, yet you are divorced.  Can you explain the difference?

Instead of having the guts to defend her position (not surprising, because it's pretty indefensible!) she deleted the post within about a minute and a half.

Seems to me that there's another quote...something about not throwing stones unless you are spotless of sin yourself.  Now, where does that come from?  It'll come to me in a minute....

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