Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I read a number of blogs, which often crack me up and even more often provide me with something really profound to think about.  I believe that's what blogs are best at.  Voices out in the internet wilderness, telling us things we really need to know.

However, there also seem to be a lot of blogs out there with their owners endlessly inspecting their own navels and whining about why their lives aren't what they though they'd be.  I don't mean the occasional whine that we all do.  I mean the non-stop picking at life like it's a scab.  It's a very destructive habit - picking at scabs leaves scars - remember?  Our moms always told us that.
These people, I think they've missed the point.  The life we get is the life we've got.  Sometimes it's up to us to change it for the better, and sometimes it's for that life to change US for the better.  The goal here is BETTER.  Not richer.  Not cooler.  Not more exciting.  BETTER.  Better for ourselves and others.  The way to do that is NEVER whining about what we don't HAVE.

Take a minute...when you're feeling whiny...and do a gratitude list.  Start with "A" and find something in your life that you're grateful for that starts with "A".  Then do "B".  And keep on until the end.  I guarantee you will feel much happier when you are done.  Because you've looked at your own life and found things to be grateful for.  Gratitude is the ultimate anti-whining tool!

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