Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home Again

We're home from our annual five week trek back to the Midwest to see family and friends, and boy, do we have a LOT of junk to deal with!  One of the highlights of the trip for me is all the wonderful garage sales and thrift stores in Indiana and Michigan.  You can still get amazing vintage collectibles for a quarter back there!  I came home with a pile of stuff to try and sell on eBay.  So, am I taking pictures and putting things up?  NO!  I'm writing to you!  But it's been a long time and I hate letting so much time go by.  We don't have internet for most of the trip (something I'm determined to rectify next year). 

I found an adorable 17" hard side suitcase, probably 50's or 60's, at a garage sale and it reminded me of this tabletop tableau I set up last spring.  I have a LOT of vintage travel stuff - I'm trying to get a plate for every state, for instance, and I was running out of room for some of the extras.  I had a table free in the living room, so, as part of my quest to leave no surface uncovered (ha!) I set this up.  I think it's pretty cute, myself.
I found everything here at garage sales or Goodwill except the photo albums.  My mother-in-law called those "Kodak books" and she had them for each child, chronicling their growing up years.  These are the traditional black paper, b & w photos, and pen-inscribed captions.  Last year Beloved Spouse went through and re-stuck-down all the pictures (using up at least four of my tape runners...grrr....) and now we can look at them without pictures falling out left and right.

You can't really see the London tray - here's another picture:
I believe this may be pre-WWII, or maybe just after.  On the back there's a sticker which states that  " is better not to put hot vessels such as aluminium teapots directly on to the tray."  Such a HOOT - I love it - alu-MINIUM.  So British!  Plus the irony is that someone quite brainless or forgetful, like me, obviously did exactly that, as you can see by the perfectly round heat stain in the center of the tray....  That's one of the things I just love about vintage stuff - it has history
Okay, enough dinking to get some things up on eBay.  If you're interested, my "name" is niftiefifties.  Don't laugh.

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